February (Make your Living room… livable)


  • Empty and clean any bookcases and magazine racks.  Toss or donated anything you don’t want to keep.  Make piles for things that go to other rooms.
  • Walk through home, with ‘new eyes’, and make notes on any items that need repair, such as window sills, light fixtures or furniture.Natural Order - Organize your collections
  • Take a look at your knickknacks.  Are their dried flowers that are now just dust collectors?  How about the collection of frogs?  You know the one that continues to grow because everyone you know sends you one for every holiday or birthday.   Consider culling your collection to those that you really love.  Then donate or sell the rest.


  • Take down curtains to clean or dryer-fluff.  Try to rotate them to different windows if possible.
  • Dust all knickknacks and picture frames.Natural Order - February
  • Polish and oil wood furniture
  • Dry-clean slipcovers and vacuum furniture.
  • Vacuum and clean furniture, floor, baseboards, cushions, walls, fan blades, lampshades and blinds.


  • Arrange bookcases.
  • Schedule any necessary repairs and if appropriate have your fireplace inspected and maintained.
  • Set up a basket or rack for magazines and newspapers