Do you find that you have items everywhere that need to go somewhere else?  If you don’t already have a container (basket, Rubbermaid, etc…) get one.   Set it by your back door, or if you don’t have space, place it in your garage.

Now, take all the items that need to be returned (library books, purchases that didn’t work out and nBasket with books and maileed to be returned, borrowed items) and put them in that container.

Note:  For any items that need to be returned, tape the receipt to the item or put it in a bag with the item.

Look at your calendar and mark down errand days (or block out an hour here and there).  Now move the container into your vehicle and you’re ready to make all your stops.


This year begin a new habit by creating one calendar with all your personal and professional appointments in one place.   Take time to enter all birthdays, anniversaries, doctor & dentist appointments, etc…Date Book

If you have kids, pull their school calendars out and and write in early-release or days that their schools are closed.  Also include any special days like Picture Day, Spirit Week or any other date where they will want to dress up or take something to school.   This way you can be prepared ahead and not scrambling as you rush to get them out to school.

Lastly, be sure to enter time for yourself, aka Do Nothing Days.   We’ve just passed the official day – January 16th – but schedule your own!